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I would like to provide coaching for one or more of your key employees. I can help them sort out performance issues and/or help get them ready for their next assignment. I can also share my expertise in workshops, like: How to Coach, leadership Awareness, and Interpersonal Communications. I can add perspective as a member of your change management team. If you, reading this now, represent a consulting company, I would be pleased to provide my services through you, as a sub-contractor


 My Experience

After 15 years designing , building and baby-sitting computer communication systems, I put my systems knowledge to work helping organizations, teams and key employees improve performance. I did lots of coaching and change management. I closed down my company after 20 years of consulting. Now, I provide my services directly and as a sub-contractor.  

 My Approach

Why Me?

I work directly with clients, coaching and participating in business processes. Sometimes, I work behind the scenes, performing as a marketer, salesman or change agent. I listen first, decide with the client, then perform for them. I also offer these services as a sub-contractor, adding strength to their consulting teams.​​
I listen well. I can help a client (person, team or organization) figure out where they are or what they perceive to be their issues. Then, together, I can help them solve their own problems. Sometimes, the ideas I share are really helpful. Most often clients listen to themselves as they dialogue with me, and that provides the insights they need.​​

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